Sous le Soleil

Sous le Soleil

In this season of sun-kissed days Ladurée presents the very essence of Mediterranean charm with Sous le Soleil – a collection evocative of southern Italy.

Our summer gift box features Italian colours and Sicilian motifs such as an olive branch, a coffee cup, a Medici vase and a chilli pepper. Opening up the box reveals a beautiful message: ‘Fortune e Felicita’ !

The distinctive bold flavours and fragrance of bergamot, a citrus fruit primarily grown in southern Italy, inspire this new collection from Ladurée’s pastry chef, Guillaume Kern.

Ice Cream Festival

The Covent Garden Cool Down

Covent Garden will be celebrating the last summer bank holiday the only way we know-how, with an ice cream festival. 

Introducing the Covent Garden Cool Down, a 5-day festival from Thursday 22nd until Monday 26th August from 12pm - 8pm on the East Piazza, featuring Ladurée's Iced Macarons and more !

The chocolate coated macarons

NEW! The chocolate coated macarons

For a delicious gourmet treat, Ladurée launches its first chocolate-coated macarons: four exclusive flavours to discover in Ladurée stores.

- The chocolate hazelnut macaron coated with milk chocolate 

- The chocolate macaron coated with dark chocolate 

- The raspberry macaron coated with dark chocolate

- The lemon macaron coated with dark chocolate

Available in all UK stores from 6th March.