12-04-2022 02:38 pm

Ladurée : 160 years of delicious history

The little bakery Louis-Ernest Ladurée and his wife Jeanne Souchard established in 1862 at 16 rue Royale in Paris was destined for an incredible future.
Louis-Ernest Ladurée did not let a fire that destroyed the establishment get him down and had the boutique rebuilt in 1871. He entrusted its decoration to the painter and illustrator of the time, Jules Chéret, who also created famous posters (Musée Grévin, Department stores…), and designed a romantic and refined style for it. The walls were painted in celadon green which would become the brand’s emblematic colour, the ceiling was filled with the sky and cherubs, the baker angel that became the house’s emblem was featured above a door… all highly airy, feminine and elegant.
Jeanne had the avant-garde idea to add a space in the boutique where its wares could be enjoyed, thereby combining the fashionable Parisian café with patisseries. The place became the delectable, elegant place to meet in the capital, and was notably the first tea room women could visit alone. It was a true revolution for the time.

A new era

Ladurée changed direction In 1993 under the guidance of Francis Holder, president of the Holder group, and his son David, who bought the brand and went on to give it an international dimension.
The macaron, two shells created from a mix of powdered almonds, icing sugar and egg white with a delicious ganache sandwiching them together, became the tea room’s star treat, along with the rose religieuse, rose-raspberry Saint-Honoré, or almond-filled croissant… and on the savoury menu, the club sandwich, vol au vent and Ladurée omelette became must-haves.
Ladurée also added gift boxes to its history to feature alongside the sweet treats. Because at Ladurée even the smallest box is a precious bijou box that is impossible to throw away. They are kept, collected, and often used for other things.
The sophisticated, elegant decor of each tea room conveys the magic of Paris all around the world. Because at Ladurée the decor is a celebration. Each relays a delectable history. Tassels, velvet, mouldings, old paintings… all contribute to making up the universes of illustrious houses, reinterpreted from the three great eras of decorative art, Antiquity, the 18th century and the Second Empire.
This was what the Maison had in mind when it opened its second tea room on the Champs-Elysées in 1997 to follow on from the tea room on rue Royale. Jacques Garcia decorated it in the Second Empire style. Another new place was opened in 2002, this time on the Left Bank on rue Bonaparte, in the former boutique of the interior designer Madeleine Castaing. Other tea rooms were opened from London to Tokyo, without forgetting New York. Each place embodied the Maison’s spirit each time.

2022 ,change continuing on from its heritage

The Maison celebrates its 160th anniversary in 2022. To celebrate this anniversary, head pastry creation chef Julien Alvarez is giving the opportunity to dive into the Maison’s archives, and is reinterpreting some of the iconic recipes that have made its reputation. These include the apple caramel Macaron, the Elysée, the praline Succès, the strawberry-poppy Baiser, the Baked Pineapple Tart, the Bayadère, the Divin… One macaron in particular will also be available throughout the year, a delicious version of the Maison’s original bitter almond macaron taken back to its natural state.
In total eleven emblematic patisseries will come to life again in 2022, using seasonal products and gestures used in the past, to give our guests the chance to enjoy a selection of cakes and entremets that are symbolic of the Maison’s creativity and excellence. It is the opportunity for our customers to discover or rediscover delectable and iconic recipes. Crafted by our Chef to please modern tastes.
Bolstered by its extraordinary heritage and constantly renewed audacity, Maison Ladurée remains a mythical brand, a luxury establishment that continues to convey what it envisions as French aesthetics, elegance and delectable enjoyment.