Ladurée Easter Eggs

Ladurée has created chocolate Easter eggs adorned with its famous Laurier wreath, reinvented for the occasion with delicate seasonal flowers, in the pure spirit of hand-painted eggs.

Come and pick the chocolate treats hidden in the garden, in a royal egg hunt.
Eggs with inimitable flavours
As Easter approaches, Ladurée Easter eggs are decked out in chocolate, offering a festival of flavours for everyone.

Deep, intense dark chocolate awakens the senses with its robust flavour, while creamy milk chocolate evokes warm, comforting memories.

May Easter be synonymous with joy and indulgence, under the sign of chocolate in all its diversity.
Eggs with inimitable flavours

Hazelnut praline filling
Hazelnut praline filling
Beneath their cocoa shells, these Easter eggs contain an irresistible treasure: a creamy hazelnut praline insert, blending the sweetness of chocolate with the richness of hazelnuts.

Each bite is a symphony of flavours, a moment of pure sweet happiness that delights the taste buds and delights the soul. Let yourself be seduced by these little chocolate marvels, and let the Easter magic happen with every taste.

Let the egg hunt begin!



As Easter approaches, Ladurée Easter chocolates are decked out in their finest colors to enchant young and old alike. Among the chocolate treasures, Easter eggs stand out for their elegance and delicacy. Shaped with care, these chocolate eggs, whether milk or dark, contain treasures of hazelnut praline, delicately filled for an explosion of flavors in the mouth. Each bite is a veritable symphony of cocoa and hazelnut, an invitation to an unforgettable taste journey. Giving these Easter eggs is much more than just giving chocolates, it's giving a moment of sweet happiness to share with family and friends during this joyous springtime celebration. May Easter be filled with chocolatey sweetness and generosity, under the enchanting sign of Ladurée's chocolate delights.