"Constellation" Collection

Treat yourself or someone you love with our exquisite selection of delicious gifts for this Ramadan. 
Ramadan 2024 collection

The Constellation gift boxes

Maison Ladurée has carefully curated dark blue boxes, an iconic colour of Ladurée with golden moon and stars to represent celebration of Ramadan. 

Our exclusive macarons gift box collection can be personalised with the macaron flavours of your choice.
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Limited Edition
The Constellation gift boxes

All our sweet treats for Ramadan

Limited Edition


Eid Mubarak macarons for Ramadan : a celebration of flavour and tradition

As the holy month of Ramadan approaches, Maison Ladurée extends its warmest greetings with a captivating collection "Constellation" meticulously crafted to honor this sacred time. Rooted in tradition and elevated by innovation, our Ramadan Collection embodies the essence of Ramadan Mubarak through a symphony of flavours and heartfelt sentiments. But our Ramadan Collection goes beyond individual treats; it is a celebration of sharing and togetherness. Whether gifting to family, friends, or colleagues, our gift boxes convey the warmth and generosity synonymous with Ramadan. 

 Maison Ladurée ​wish you an excellent "Ramadan Mubarak"!